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Stylist, Style Influencer, Business Owner


Travior K. Beckford is a stylist, fashion blogger, boutique owner, and a team leader with one of the top network marketing companies in the United States. She believes that when you look good you feel good, and when you feel good you do good.  Travior helps people discover their personal style and how to be more organized and professional in business.  She enjoys helping others discover their best qualities and utilize their potential to live the life they desire.


​Born and raised in Mobile, AL, Travior sought to discover who she was outside of the small town girl.  She was a big fish in a small pond.  So at the age of 19, with little money but a huge will to discover and succeed, she moved to New York City to continue studying dance at the prestigious Broadway Dance Center.  She would later begin to nurture another passion of hers which is fashion.  Travior vigorously pursued knowledge of the fashion industry and went on to do print modeling for several publications.


Additionally, Travior has a  20 year career in Finance and Accounting  which stems from Non-Profit to Wall Street to heading a department of 30 for a top recruiting firm in Atlanta, GA where she now resides with her husband and daughter.  She and her husband co-own a successful plumbing company that she helped to become a six figure business within a year.  Travior is also a team leader with one of the top network marketing companies in the United States with 300+ team members.  Her Finance  background, coupled with her extensive knowledge in the fashion industry, aids in her coaching her team on every aspect of business from taxes, budgeting, client service, looking professional and the importance of  branding themselves.


With profits from her successful businesses, Travior launched

her own brand, Bombshell Co. and funded her online boutique in January  of 2018 without a business loan.  She is enjoying life and continues to live it on her own terms and she's inspiring others to do the same. 

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